Thu, Feb 21st

Picked up a couple of extra shifts and was finally able to take that art class at the community college that I have always wanted to! (pic- Lady painting

Gail CNA

Was able to remodel my bathroom by picking up an extra shift on the weekends. (Pic Luxury bathtub with woman relaxing)

Lashonda CNA

James CNA – I love the outdoors! With a few extra shifts last month, my buddy and I got to on our first fishing trip on my new boat (pic silhouette of guy fishing at sundown with his dog on his small rowboat size boat)

James CNA

Rob- RN – One extra shift a week and I was able to buy a new car! (pic- Happy guy driving)

Rob RN

Erin- RN – I love movies! Worked a couple of extra shifts in a month and got that home theater system I’ve always wanted! (pic cozy couple watching movie on home theater)

Erin RN

Shelly- RN – I’ve always wanted to honeymoon in Vegas! With my wedding just weeks away, I’ve already saved plenty for the trip with just two shifts a week. (pic fun in vegas)

Shelly RN

Brandi LPN– Finally took the family on our dream vacation and only had to pick up a couple shifts here and there. (pic – family vacation theme park)

Brandi LPN

Jen- LPN – Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me, and an additional shift on the weekends helped me to turn my spare room into my own private gym.


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